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DDDC provides a wide array of cooling and refrigeration solutions. Our in-house engineering team members are experts at designing highly efficient custom machines and systems.

Sandwich Panel
Condensing Unit

Evaporator / Air Cooler
Walk-in Freezer

A room with cooling storage to store frozen products with large capacity. Temperature conditions range from -15º C to -18º C.

Walk-in Chiller

A room with cooling storage to store cooled products. Temperature conditions range from 5º C to 10º C.

Processing Room
Air Blast Freezer

A machine to freeze products within the shortest amount of time. Commonly used in meat and fish processing industries.

Pure Water
Ice Tube Maker

A machine for making tubular ice cubes. Best for hotel, catering, bakeries, etc. Thickness can be adjusted.

Love & Care
Ice Flake Maker

A machine for making flake ice. Ideal for keeping the freshness of objects in a large surface area. Best for supermarket, restaurant, chemical labs, etc.

Travel Activities
Air Handling Unit

A machine to regular air temperature, humidity, air pressure, and air cleanliness in an air-conditioned room.